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(Please note, we have recently moved from Wilmslow, Cheshire to Didsbury, Manchester - just off Kingsway A34.)

Welcome to Bumps and Joys.

Welcome to Bumps and JoysWe're glad you found us! Whether you are looking to book a 4D Scan with us, searching for more information about 4D Scans or just curious we wish you a pleasant time. Here at Bumps and Joys we promise you an incredible experience. Watching your little one in crisp real-time 4D is quite an experience but we are also conscious of your time spent with us.

We understand 4D is an elective scan and you would expect the best service. Whether it is attention to detail, your general care or the quality of imaging – we do it best.

So what do we do differently...

Share and store your memoriesThe simple answer is we don't but we strive to do things better. To start with we've created an environment in our studio that is far from a clinic. You can expect a relaxing time whether you're in our reception or in the scanning room.

We realise that a big part of your visit – other than the bonding session – is to share and store your memories. As parents we are definitely excited to be having a baby but our friends and family are equally excited for us, why not bring them along to your session.

Our whole service is based on close interaction with you. We believe that you should choose the images that you want and not us. We edit your video side by side with us to ensure we include any bespoke themes, titles, credits or text that you have in mind.

Our packages are designed to make your choices simple and not difficult. We also have flexibility for you to customise your package. Please enquire through the online form or just call us.

3D ultrasound provides three dimensional still images of your babyOur Services at a glance

  • Gender Confirmation Scan
  • 3D Scan
  • 4D Scan

Gender Confirmation Scan

  • A Gender Confirmation Scan is performed to determine the sex of your baby.
  • Best Time: From 16 Weeks and three days.

3D Scan

  • 3D ultrasound provides three dimensional still images of your baby. Unlike the grainy and conventional 2D images you can see the volume in width, height and depth.
  • Best Time: 24 – 32 Weeks

4D Scan

  • 4D Scans are similar to 3D Scans but with the added dimension of time. In very simple terms like any other movie a 4D movie is made up of lots of 3D images in motion, hence the term 4D.
  • Best Time: 24 – 32 Weeks